Action untill results came up!

The past till now, i always think, i can became perfect if i try work for a short of time.

A few example,

I can from an average student became a student very good after a year learn hard.

I can finish from 14 to 15 subjects with A scores.

From a man is weak, i became a man is stronger after 2 years play karate-do. I must very patience, to go through many hardships after kumite. I feel tired, but after anything, i were get over them. I am really confident in myself.

I am challenge myself step by step, day by day. I choose hard jobs and in turn conquer them.

Until now, i successful with short term goals.

But, the life is difficult with university. At where don’t have 2 months term goal, 3 months term goal … till 1 years goal. Never. Never….!

Your life could long term goals from 2-5 years. That’s bullshit, if you want success in your life, you must very very patience, have a long vision, and the most important, that “Work hard even when you don’t see anything happens”. It is very important.

Don’t have anybody give you score, don’t have anybody care about you. They just care what have you done? If you success, everything you say is true and If you loser, you don’t be say.

So, work for me is action untill results came up.

I trust me.



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